Galvanizados del Sureste, S.A.


The Galvanizados del Sureste Corporation (GALUSA S.A.) was founded as a Services Company in the year 1977.


It’s instalations can be found on the La Polvorista industrial estate, on the left bank of Molina de Segura (Murcia), on a 50.000 square metre plot of land, fitted with a hot dip galvanization plant in molten zinc, which is a pionering feat in the Murcia region, as well as metal product manufacturing workshops, steel product warehouses and a shot blasting booth.

Our crucible with 400 tons of molten zinc has dimensions of 12.5 m long, 1.7 m wide and 2.7 m deep, allowing double immersion to galvanize pieces up to 16m long and 5m high combined with different widths.


This infrastructure, together with a capacity of 12 tons above the crucible, makes it the plant with the greatest galvanization capacity in the area.


In order to guarantee our quality we have had a quatlity management system (Sistema de Gestión de Calidad) put in a place since 1998 in accordance with the International Organization for Standadization (UNE-EN ISO 9001) and certified by the Spanish Standards and Certification Bureau Veritas -, as well as a  conformity certificate in production from the Ministry of Economics, Industry and Competitiveness (number: PG-0000021) since 1987.

We have a also put in place a system to manage our impact on the environment, as we are aware of the impact our work could have on it; as well as being certified by the Bureau Veritas, in accordance with the requirements Regulation 14001:2015 of the ISO. In doing so, we strive to fullfil our goal and constantly better our Integrated Management System Policy.

In November 2017, the Galvanizados del Sureste corporation was the beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund, the objective of which is the assessment of the implementation of environmental management systems. To do this, it has had the support of Murcia’s Chamber of Commerce Innocamaras Program.