Galvanizados – Galsusa – La mayor planta de Galvanizado – Galvanización del Sureste – Protege el acero contra la Corrosión – Cabina de Granallado – Comercializamos artículos metálicos relacionados con nuestra actividad: perfilería siderúrgica

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Our responsibility is to guarantee the quality and, for this reason, we dispose of a certificate base on the UNE EN ISO 9001:2000 standard for the hot-dip galvanized activity of iron and steel by AENOR since 28th of August 1998.


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We do not skimp on environmental control means in our plant. We are realizing mandatory checks and continuous investments. 


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[sf_iconbox image=’ss-usergroup’ type=’standard-title’ title=’Tradition and innovation’ animation=’fade-from-bottom’ animation_delay=’600′]We have been full members of the Spanish Technical Association for Galvanization (ATEG) since 9th of May 1979. [/sf_iconbox]

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GALSUSA Works by and for you. If you want to ask for a budget or you need to solve some doubts, get in touch with us please…

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